Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Game

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Selective Download

This is the most important part of the description, cause it tells you what files you MUST to download to have the game in your language with all options you need.

First of all, the repack comes with 3 setup files.

The first one (setup-data-multi8.exe/setup-data-multi2.exe) installs only main game data, without any audio. It must be ran first.
The second one (setup-lossy-audio-multi8.exe/setup-lossy-audio-multi2.exe) will install lossy audio files to your already installed game.
The third one (setup-lossless-audio-multi8.exe/setup-lossless-audio-multi2.exe) will install original, lossless audio files to your already installed game.

Either second or third installer must be used after main data, not both.

Now, let’s see the examples of file sets you have to download. Examples are given for English language. For any other language download not *english* files, but *french*, *german* and so on.
Polish users must download English files and select only Polish language in installers.